At We Are Nano we have three brand lines: NanoSchutz, NanoBiocida and NanoKlare . In each of them you will find different products based on nanoparticles for surface protection:

NanoSchutz are nanocoatings and protective treatments for automotive aesthetic care that protect paint, interiors, glass and wheels for 30 days and up to 1 year.

NanoBiocide for cleaning, disinfection and sanitization of surfaces with 4 presentations: HAND, MAX, HAUS and PRO. Which protect against viruses, fungi and bacteria for 24 hours and up to 30 days.

NanoKlare , our hand sanitizer cream with nanotechnology that provides 24-hour protection against viruses, fungi and bacteria, including COVID-19.

By penetrating at molecular levels, nanotechnology produces a hydrophobic effect that waterproofs the surface, creating an invisible layer without the applied surface changing its texture, appearance or properties.

Products with nanotechnology do not stain, dry out or discolor treated surfaces. The barrier that is created is molecularly invisible.

NanoSchutz offers two types of protective treatments for automotive aesthetic care: Quick Detail and Long Lasting. Nanotechnology for washing cars also protects paint, interiors, glass and rims for 30 days and up to 1 year.

Coating your vehicle with nanotechnology produces a shiny, smooth “mirror finish,” which in turn eliminates micro scratches and swirls in the paint. Nanotechnology produces a hydrophobic effect that waterproofs the surface of the vehicle, preventing water penetration and providing invisible protection that reduces the probability of damaging the surface in the future. Insects, resins and other dirt are easily removed from the vehicle and in less time. It also makes it resistant to UV rays, chemicals and environmental influences such as: road salt, tar and industrial pollution.

It all depends on the type of treatment: NanoSchutz Quick Detail line products last 30 days, while Long Lasting products can last from 3 months to 1 year, without the need to reuse cleaning chemicals or polishing processes.

Nanotechnology treatment can be applied to all types of vehicles at any of the authorized NanoSchutz Application Centers. Vehicle service is performed and delivered the same day as your appointment. Or if you prefer, you can also purchase our products online and apply them to your vehicle strictly following the instructions for use and always under the shade to properly anchor the nanotechnology to the surface.

Our NanoBiocide line offers maximum long-lasting disinfection against viruses, fungi and bacteria. Its HAND, MAX, HAUS and PRO presentations give the body and surfaces protection that lasts from 24 hours to 30 days. NanoKlare is for dermal use and helps protect hands from viruses for 5* continuous hours.

Compared to disinfectants based on alcohol, chlorine, chemical agents, acids, ozone, etc., cleaning products with nanotechnology such as the NanoBiocida line use nanotechnology with ZnO2 that is friendly to the environment and humans. On the other hand, its long-lasting sanitizing power forms a 30-day* protective barrier that remains active even after drying. *The protective barrier is maintained during this period as long as no other liquid or chemical is applied on top.

Nanotechnology products such as NanoBiocida HAND and NanoKlare are for dermal use and their compounds are approved by the FDA and WHO, so they are safe to use.