Nano Graphene GX - Coating of graphene nanoparticles

Nano Graphene GX - Coating of graphene nanoparticles

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💧 Car concentrate, which with its SiO2 layer, guarantees protection and cleaning.

🧼 Easy cleaning and liquid repellent effect.

☀️Protection against UV rays and the incrustation of tartar and acid rain.

⭐Gives shine and a smooth texture to paint, plastics and glass for up to 30 days .

The latest technological advance that has reached the automotive detailing market. Vehicle protected in seconds and with an antistatic and hydrophobic effect for 30 continuous days. It's not magic, it's nanotechnology.

The graphene nanoparticle coating, NANO GRAFENO-GX from NanoSchutz , is a reinforcement and enhancer that provides significantly better protection than waxes and sealants. It is a multi-surface product with graphene technology that adheres to the entire vehicle such as: paint, wheels, glass, trim and leather at a molecular level and with greater durability. This fills microscopic pits and grooves in your paint leaving a hydrophobic surface that slips to the touch. The 60 ml presentation is express application and leaves no residue, as it only needs to be sprayed and cleaned with a microfiber. Thanks to its advanced formula, it gives the paint a smooth texture, exceptional shine and total protection against tartar, acid rain and UV rays with an easy-to-clean effect for a whole month .

*IT IS IMPORTANT: Apply under shade and not on a hot surface. Do not let the product dry on the surface.*