Puli Gel - Descaling polish for tartar and acid rain for windows

Puli Gel - Descaling polish for tartar and acid rain for windows

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Benefits of Puligel:

🌧Removes tartar and acid rain from glass without the use of acids or aggressive chemicals

✅Does not require special equipment or qualified personnel for its application

100% tartar-free and totally transparent crystals 🚘🛡 It's not magic, it's nanotechnology.

NanoSchutz PULIGEL descaling polish removes limescale and acid rain stains from vehicle windows without using aggressive and risky acids or chemicals. The pomadera with 50 grs. It is applied with a damp sponge to the glass and removed with a wet and dry microfiber without leaving residue. Its advanced formula with nanotechnology will leave a shiny and transparent finish on the lenses.

Application procedure:

1. Take Puli Gel paste on a thin, damp sponge
2. Apply to the glass, rubbing in a circular motion, evenly and vigorously.
3. Remove the product and residue with a semi-wet microfiber and/or plenty of water.
4. Dry the glass and observe the result. Or repeat the process if necessary.

*IT IS IMPORTANT: Do not combine with any glass acid or other substance.*